The Prep Academy

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Mission Statement

The Prep was established as a Pre-K through 12th grade traditional and online school dedicated to the idea that “nothing succeeds like success”. That each child’s accomplishment built on knowledge, confidence and dedication leads to a lifetime of achieved goals. Our mission is to recognize the uniqueness and worth of each student, whether they are at or below grade level. The Prep strives to provide a challenging academic environment that encourages the use of independent, critical and creative thought without losing sight of the individual needs of each student.

The Prep celebrates academic achievement, artistic endeavors, ethical awareness, ath- letic abilities, technical literacy and a lifelong pursuit of learning. The Prep maintains a culturally diverse community, allowing students to develop a better understanding of different types of people and their responsibilities to the world around them.

The Prep specializes in programs that recognize and nurture students of varied social backgrounds and learning abilities. We offer a differentiated education program focus- ing on the use of visual, auditory and tactile reinforcements to enhance and supple- ment our curriculum. Based on a student’s readiness, interests and evaluations we can modify the content and method in which each subject is approached. The flex- ibility of our class schedules and online program can accommodate the needs of the sports oriented or international students. The Prep strives to develop in every student the necessary skills needed for all types of minds to flourish.

Our purpose is to improve student learning and academic achievement while increas- ing learning opportunities for all children.

Our low teacher- to- student ratio allows our faculty to understand and appreciate what makes each child special, and to incorporate their interests into many aspects of our curriculum.

The Prep strives to instill in all students a strong sense of integrity, self worth, and a lifelong passion for learning.